Congrats, Byrne Family!

If you’ve ever “pinned” your dream home on Pinterest, shopped for your perfect “Houzz,” or swooned over Shiplap, believe me, you’re going to LOVE this one! This sweet couple, Chuck and Ashton Byrne have other jobs, but I do believe they could give Chip and Jo a few pointers!! Can I get an AMEN? After we turned over the keys to Chuck and Ashton, and left them to set up housekeeping for themselves and their precious 2 year old, we rode back by to find a tiny little John Deer tractor on the front porch! OH the sweet memories yet to be made! Chuck, Ashton, & Rhett, THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing us to be a small part of your story! We love you guys! We will be over soon for “Tea’n See!” *hint *hint  (We sooo made that up!)

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