Southern Charm

It’s not too often that we get a tour of the inside of a home after it’s built. In this case, the homeowner is not only one of our favorite clients, but also a close personal friend…….real family… if he DIDN’T send pictures or invite us over, we may not have been so willing to share our cupcakes and cookies with him!! We play hard ball!  He happens to own a quaint little antique/home decor market in Lincolnton Georgia (112 Mainstreet Furniture and Home Decor,  for those who will be emailing me later! Also, you can ascern what the address is by the name, so go give him a visit!) His shop is full of beauty and charm, so it would only stand to reason that his home is a showpiece as well. I’ve always thought of his house as the “Southern Living Charm of Georgia!” It’s absolutely ADORABLE!!! Take a look at these pictures, shared by our very own Nicky Smith. We LOVE you, Nicky! THANK YOU! Your cupcakes and cookies will be there in a few!! Go ahead get the sweet tea ready!

Nicky1 Nicky2 Nicky3 Nicky4 Nicky5 Nicky6 Nicky7 Nicky9 Nicky90 Nicky91 Nicky92