The Falter’s from McCormick

In 2014, we built our beautiful new model home in Savannah Lakes Village. It has seen a lot of traffic since that time, and we have re-created this house a few times (with custom tweaks of course). One, bright sunny day, this sweet couple from Pennsylvania came in asking to take a tour. We handed them the keys, and told them to look at everything at their leisure, and enjoy. They immediately came back, and asked us if they could have first right of refusal when we decided to sell. Of course, we said yes! Over the next three years, this same couple, The Falter’s from PA, would come back ever so often, grab the keys, and would enjoy. Enjoy deciding where their furniture would go, and how it would feel to enjoy a cool breeze while having lunch out by the fire pit. (Which they did! WE LOVE IT). Now, as of about three weeks ago, they are the Falter’s of McCormick, instead of the Falter’s from PA! We are SO HAPPY to have these two with us full time. Congratulations Larry & Janet! Now you can invite us over for lunch out by the fire pit!