The “Sweetest” Strout’s!

From wayyyy up north, New Hampshire, to be exact…..we welcome Mr. Dick, and Mrs. Linda Strout! These two have been so “sweet” to work with, have “sprinkled” us with lots of fun and laughter, “filled” us with joy, and the “icing on cake?”…..they now have a beautiful, new Lee Builders home! We have enjoyed every minute of this process with them, and are so happy to have them as part of our family! Here are a few pictures of their home…..and a picture of a cupcake that Mrs. Linda made for us, you know…..for good measure! ?

Strout1 Strout2 Strout3 Strout4 Strout5 Strout6 Strout7 Strout8 Strout9 Strout99