We LOVE our Spring Flom’s!

We absolutely adore all of our clients. Each with their own personalities, they keep us on our toes. These two are no different! Meet David & Lynn Flom. We affectionately call them Lynn & “Squirrel!” Not only have they found their home in South Carolina from New York, but they are involved in EVERYTHING, and are very active in the community! Today, they came “bee-bopping” to the office on their bikes, in this GORGEOUS weather! WE LOVE IT!!! We had a great chat, shared candy & stories, and just enjoyed their company. If you haven’t met them, you should! If you see them around, introduce yourself. You will immediately have great new friends!! Also, if you’re reading this….come see us too! We love any occasion to enjoy a good conversation with friends. It might also involve candy! *hint *hint

Flombike2 Flombike3