Custom Home Building

“Home is where the heart is.” All of us here at Lee Builders believe your home should be whatever your heart desires, too. That’s why we’re committed to designing and building custom homes in South Carolina and Georgia that combine Southern charm and modern design with the features you’ve been dreaming of.

Custom Built Homes, Truly

Some construction companies call themselves custom home builders, but they don’t always get to the heart of what their clients envision for their next home. But that’s our mission at Lee Builders: to create true custom homes that we design with you from the ground up. Whether you are looking to upsize, downsize, upgrade, or build your perfect retirement home, we’ll work with you throughout the design and building process to ensure every detail turns out exactly as you imagined. That’s what sets us apart from other builders.

Custom Built Floor Plan, Video Tours

The Lee Home Building Process

Over the years, we’ve perfected our custom home building process for helping our clients realize their custom home dreams. Our goal is to provide you with a house you’re happy to call home and make new memories in.

The First meeting & Selections

This important step kicks off the home-building process. You’ll meet with the Lee Builders team, discuss your vision for your custom home, and make a selection on Floor Plans and location.

Sign The Contract

We then work on financing options for your home. Lee Builders has the ability to offer financing or we can help you acquire your own financing. After your deposit, no further money is required during construction.

Choose Your Details

This exciting step is when the real personalization happens! Select the details, finishes, and features that make your home feel, well, homey!

Begin Construction

Next, we’ll break ground at the location you’ve selected for your custom home. This is when you’ll get to see your dream home turn into reality.

Final Walkthrough & Ownership transfer

When construction is complete, you’ll take your final walkthrough with the Lee team. We will help you with the transition of utilities and insurance..

Follow-up Services

After you move in we offer a 12 month review from the Certificate of Occupancy.  This review covers any concerns as well as touch up painting.

We take the hassle out of Financing

Figuring out financing can feel overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure which type of loan you need. We simplify the process and make it easy for you by handling all the loans and financing. When your home is ready, you’ll purchase it directly from us. We believe that affordable custom homes should be a reality.  We build affordable custom homes in South Carolina and make that possible by providing the financing ourselves.  By controlling the financing we are able to build affordable custom homes without sacrificing quality and still utilizing only quality materials.

Custom Home FAQs

We are regularly asked questions about custom homes, custom home building, and the building process. To help our audience we decided to answer our most asked questions below.

Q: Is building a custom home worth it?

Short answer: Yes! Building a custom home is a great opportunity to create the home of your dreams. Through building a custom home you have the ability to work with your builder to design the features and fixtures that meet all of your needs. You can work with a builder on floor plan, rooms, features, and finishes. Building a custom home is worth it because you will have the ability to truly build YOUR home with the features and stylings YOU want.

Q: Is building a custom home more expensive?

The cost of building a custom home varies. Building a custom home can range in price depending on the features chosen. If you want to select premium features, finishes, and appliances, then your custom home will be more expensive than purchasing a production home or an already lived in home. The benefit of a custom home build is explained in our next question.

Q: Are Custom Homes Cheaper?

Short answer: It can be. One great benefit of building a custom home is the ability to control cost. Through custom home building process, you are in control of the selections. You have the ability to scale back cost where needed to fit your ideal budget.

Q: How do I find a custom Builder?

You already found one! Lee Builders is your custom home builder in South Carolina and Georgia that proudly builds homes in the McCormick, SC and Lake Thurmond area. We will always encourage a buyer to do their research and select the right builder for them, and with that, we also encourage you to view our existing client testimonials here.

Q: Is a custom home affordable?

Yes! because Lee builders helps with the home financing, and you purchase the home directly from us, we can help control costs.