5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

May 11, 2022 | Custom Home Building

How to Increase Your Home Value

Whether you’re planning to sell in the near future or simply want to be the envy of all your neighbors, finding ways to increase the value of your home is the right move to make. In this blog post, Lee Builders covers everything you can do to increase your home value, including:

1. Updating home finishes
2. Making energy-efficient upgrades
3. Transforming your home exterior
4. Renovating your bathroom and kitchen
5. Finishing unfinished areas of the home
Increasing the value of your home isn’t something that magically happens overnight, nor is it something you do only when you plan to sell. Your home is an ongoing investment that requires plenty of maintenance and upkeep in order to preserve and promote its value.

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It takes careful planning, patience, and prioritization in order for your home to reach its true potential. By taking time to understand the parts of your home that have the most value to gain, you’ll be well on your way to a higher listing price for your property (or at least a chance to win America’s Best Front Yard).

1. Update Home Finishes

Real estate agents who rave about the impact that a fresh paint of coat can make on your home value aren’t just doing so to make a better impression during their showings. Superficial updates to your home finishes can sometimes have a greater impact on buyers than more complex remodeling projects.

According to some experts, simply applying a fresh coat of paint throughout the home can increase your resale value by as much as 5%. Other upgrades — such as light fixture replacements — can also give your home value a nice percentage increase in time for listing and showing.

2. Make Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Sustainable energy has become one of the hottest commodities for new home buyers. Many people are willing to pay a higher purchase price if they know the home they plan to buy is decked out in the latest energy-efficient appliances.

Not only will prospective buyers enjoy the idea of snatching up your ENERGY STAR-rated home, but you’ll love the reduced energy expenses while you wait for the offers to start rolling in. Who knows? You may even love your energy-efficient upgrades so much that you decide to stick around a while longer!

3. Transform Your Exterior

Making a change to your home’s exterior will boost its curb appeal to help make a better first impression. Simple landscaping changes are really all that’s needed to do the trick; however, if your home’s siding, roofing, or gutters are in obvious disrepair, this can be a huge turn-off for prospective buyers. Consider replacing or repairing these items before listing the property so you can list your home for a higher price.

4. Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Any seasoned real estate agent will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms are the spaces that sell homes. While bathroom and kitchen remodeling can be a big investment, there are many cases in which these renovations have offered a 100% return on that investment. Depending on the types of finishes and overall quality of the craftsmanship, you could even make a small profit on a remodeling project before placing your home on the market. If you have the means, a renovation is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

5. Finish Unfinished Spaces

Any unfinished square footage of your living space is value that’s lost for your home. Homeowners don’t need to go all-out with their basement or attic finishing projects in order to see the greatest value increase to their home, either. Simple steps like erecting drywall or adding hardwood flooring to a room will help immediately transform any drab, unfinished area into a living space full of potential for prospective buyers.

If you’re planning to sell your home in the next five years or are simply seeking a refresh to your space, following these five tips will help you increase your home value with ease. While not an immediate process, these tips for increasing your home’s value can help you plan more carefully and prioritize accordingly for your future!

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