Benefits of Living in a 55+ Community

Feb 23, 2023 | 55+ Community, cottages, Custom Home Building, Lake Thurmond, Lincolnton, McCormick, Savannah Lakes

Deciding whether or not to live in a 55+ community is a big choice to make. But before you write off these communities as being “only for old people,” it’s important to consider the benefits they can offer.

The fact is that 55+ communities are not the same as retirement homes. Because they are geared more towards active adults, these communities offer many unique advantages that nursing homes can’t provide, including:

  • Amazing amenities
  • Social opportunities
  • Maintenance-free living
  • Convenient location
  • Custom homes

1. Amazing Amenities

One of the biggest advantages to living in an active adult community is the number of on-site amenities they have to offer. Active 55+ communities place an emphasis on activity and fitness, which is why residents can expect a broad range of fun and easy things to do. Amenities typically include:

  • Golfing
  • Swimming
  • Fitness center
  • On-site dining

2. Social Life

Along with offering plenty of things to do, active adult living centers are strongly focused on creating a sense of community. Some 55+ communities take a more proactive approach to ensuring their residents remain connected to one another, organizing events and helping residents build out their calendars. Others will leave the level of participation up to the individual.

In either case, there are plenty of socialization opportunities within an active 55+ community that aren’t present in a typical standalone residential neighborhood. Since everyone is in the same age group and has many of the same interests, the feeling of community within these living areas is much stronger as a result.

3. Maintenance-free Living

Activity and fitness might be the mainstays of an active adult community, but maintenance-free living is one advantage that can’t be overstated. There are plenty of ways that 55+ communities help reduce the stress of maintenance for their residents, including with:

  • Snow removal services
  • Lawn Care
  • Leaf removal
  • Changing hard-to-reach lightbulbs
  • Repair and maintenance for appliances
  • Exterior repairs for roofing, downspouts, and more

4. Convenient Location

Active adult communities are typically conveniently located near many off-site amenities as well. This makes it easier for residents to not only enjoy the on-site services and activities that are available, but to also enjoy a sense of autonomy as they venture out to nearby:

  • Churches
  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Theaters
  • And more

5. Custom Home

Most active adult communities offer a few different layouts for residents to select from when moving in. However, communities like Savannah Lakes Village allow residents to purchase their own plots of land and build custom homes on them. This makes the entire living experience more personalized and enjoyable. By choosing a community that allows custom home builds, residents will have more freedom to design a home that perfectly suits their needs rather than choosing from a cookie-cutter mold.

Lee Builders is proud to be the premier custom home builder for Savannah Lakes Village. We’ve helped many families successfully make the transition to active adult living through our deeply personalized process and top-quality materials. Allow us to bring your dream home to life by trusting us with your custom home build today!