Open Concept vs. Traditional Floor Plans: What’s the Difference?

Mar 31, 2022 | Custom Home Building, Uncategorized

During your custom home building research, you’ll probably stumble upon the phrases “open concept” and “traditional” (or “closed”) floor plan. Understanding the main differences between these two layout types can help you make a more informed decision about which will act as the foundation for your dream home. If you’re wondering about the difference between an open concept vs. a traditional floor plan and the benefits each provides, don’t worry: Lee Builders is here to help you make the best decision for your custom home!

What’s the Difference Between Open Concept & Traditional Floor Plans?

Before exploring the pros and cons of open concept vs. traditional floor plans, it helps to understand exactly what each of these layouts entail. In a traditional floor plan — also called a closed layout — each area of the home is separate from one another with clearly defined rooms enclosed with walls. By contrast, an open concept floor plan does not use walls to distinguish each area of the home. In these layouts, it’s common for a living room, kitchen, and dining area to share one large living space.

Which is Better for My Build?

Whether or not you choose an open concept or traditional layout will largely depend on your personal preferences. The following illustrates just a few considerations that homeowners should focus on when deciding which layout is best for their home:


Due to their open, airy appearance, homes that feature an open concept layout are usually associated with a modern style. For this reason, some homeowners may find it difficult to give each area of their living space a separate feel while still achieving a cohesive design. By contrast, traditional home layouts offer homeowners the opportunity to give each room in the home its own individual style, color, or theme. This can make designing the home much easier since not every detail needs to match in order to still communicate cohesion.

One advantage that open concept layouts have in terms of style is their ability to let in plenty of natural light. Especially in the post-pandemic world, more homeowners are looking for opportunities to bring the outdoors in. Without the walled enclosures seen in traditional layouts, your home will feel brighter and larger.


In an open concept layout, the lack of walls makes it easier to move around the space, allowing for a more social and accessible living area. Open floor plans are also more flexible in terms of how the space can be utilized. Since there are no walls, it’s easier to redesign, redecorate, and reimagine the form and function of your space.

By contrast, traditional layouts can make areas feel smaller. While this might not be a benefit for some homeowners, others will love the warm, cozy, cottage-like atmosphere that these smaller spaces create.


Parents and caregivers tend to prefer open layouts due to their enhanced visibility across a large expanse of living space. Without walls to obstruct your sight, it’s easier to pay attention to small children or elderly relatives that need constant supervision. On the other hand, traditional layouts offer greater opportunities for homeowners to install hand rails and make other accessibility considerations that can make mobility easier for elderly individuals.


Depending on where you’re planning to build your home, there may be a specific architectural style that’s generally preferred among homeowners in the area. In some areas, open floor plans might give you a huge advantage when it comes to resale value while in others, traditional layouts are the stronger selling point. With Americans split down the middle on which floor plan they prefer, it’s worth doing your research on the local market so you can have stronger selling power when it comes time to downsize (or upgrade even more). Be aware, however, that trends are always set to change, so just because an open concept layout might be preferred today, that may very well change 10 years from now.

Choose a Layout with Lee Builders!

Still not sure whether an open concept or traditional layout is right for your build? Let the custom home experts at Lee Builders help you decide. Our team has years of experience helping homeowners craft their dream homes from the ground up, guiding them through every step of the process from layout selection to final walkthrough. Contact our home builders to learn more about how we can help you choose the best layout for your custom build!