Savannah Lakes vs. The Villages: Which 55+ Community is Best for You?

Aug 24, 2022 | 55+ Community, Savannah Lakes

Lee Builders helps readers decide which 55+ community is right for them in this guide. We’ll discuss:

When it comes to retirement, there’s no shortage of 55+ communities perfectly suited for active adults who are ready to enjoy the golden years of their life. Choosing where you’ll live is a deeply personal decision, and one that requires careful consideration before building a home or buying a property.

In this blog, our team compares two of the most popular 55+ communities in the southeastern U.S.: The Villages and Savannah Lakes Village. Read on to find out which of these communities is the right fit for you!

Pros & Cons of The Villages in Florida

The Villages is an active retirement community located in Florida. This gated community covers 32 miles and features multiple neighborhoods with varying housing styles to suit virtually any preference. Like in any community, there are advantages and disadvantages to choosing The Villages as your retirement destination, including:

Advantages of The Villages

  • Amenities: One of the biggest reasons that 55+ adults choose to move to The Villages is the ample amenities this community has to offer. From its endless golf courses to its movie theaters to its shops and restaurants, there’s plenty to do and explore — all within a gated community setting.
  • Maintenance: The Villages is one of the most well-maintained 55+ communities featuring strict community standards that rely on “Restrictive Covenants” which all residents must sign when they purchase a home. These rules dictate everything from proper trash disposal to exterior paint schedules for your home.
  • Location: Whether you’re looking to explore Florida’s sunshiny seashores or are seeking an escape to Disney World, The Villages is near all your favorite Sunshine State destinations. In fact, The Villages is conveniently located just 40 miles from Florida’s West Coast and roughly an hour away from Orlando.


  • Humidity: The East Coast is renowned for its high humidity, but Florida’s humidity level can be downright unbearable. In August, residents at The Villages can see humidity levels skyrocket upwards of 70.5%.
  • Sinkholes: Recently, The Villages has reported several confirmed sinkholes in the community. Many scientists have attributed this hazard to over-irrigation of the surrounding golf courses.
  • Stuffiness: Aside from the stuffy humidity, some residents have expressed that living at The Villages can feel like “Stepford Wives.” In other words, the corporate vibes and strict covenants can feel stifling depending on your personality.

Pros & Cons of Savannah Lakes Village in South Carolina

Savannah Lakes Village is a lakefront community spread over 4,300 acres and nestled between three state parks and a national forest. This active adult community is unlike most other 55+ communities and — according to verified residents — doesn’t feel like a “retirement village” at all. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to choosing Savannah Lakes Village as your 55+ community:

Advantages of Savannah Lakes

  • Amenities: From tennis and pickleball to golfing, boating, hiking, and more, Savannah Lakes Village offers plenty of incredible amenities for all outdoor enthusiasts. The community even features three on-site, full-service restaurants in the private clubhouse.
  • Property: Unlike The Villages, Savannah Lakes Village allows residents to build custom homes on their own plot of land. Rather than choosing from a selection of pre-built homes in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, Savannah Lakes Village allows you to build a custom home that meets your stylistic and functional needs.
  • Location: Nestled at Lake Thurmond and surrounded by 60,000 acres of protected forests, Savannah Lakes Village is the outdoor enthusiast’s ultimate paradise. Just 35 minutes from Augusta and 2.5 hours east of downtown Atlanta, city nightlife is just a stone’s throw away from your outdoor oasis.

Disadvantages of Savannah Lakes

  • Dues: Depending on the property you select, you may be required to pay POA dues to cover common area maintenance and improvements.
  • Wildlife: If being close to nature and wildlife isn’t your cup of tea, Savannah Lakes Village might not be a great fit for you.
  • Fees: Savannah Lakes Village is an “a la carte” community, which means residents will be charged fees only for what they use. This is something to consider for those seeking more of an “all-inclusive” experience.

Which 55+ Community is Best for You?

Choosing the right 55+ community for you comes down to your personal preferences. Those looking for a more traditional retirement community will find a great home at The Villages in Florida while those seeking a more active, independent lifestyle will love the added freedom that Savannah Lakes Village offers. Especially if you’re looking to build a custom home in your retirement, the decision to choose Savannah Lakes Village as your forever home becomes that much easier to make!

Lee Builders is proud to be the builder of choice for Savannah Lakes Village. Our team has helped build countless custom homes on lots located throughout this 4,300-acre active adult community. If you’re looking to build a custom home in Savannah Lakes Village, contact our team for a consultation today!