Top 6 Benefits to Cottage Floor Plans

Jan 11, 2022 | cottages

When planning a custom home build, bigger doesn’t always mean better. While large homes certainly have their appeal, there’s something to be said for the allure of a small house floor plan. Choosing a cozy cottage floor plan for your custom home build offers many unique advantages that larger floor plans can’t provide. Read on to find out why a cottage floor plan might be the right choice for your home build!

6 Reasons to Consider a Small House Floor Plan

Cottages are Low Maintenance

One of the biggest draws to a smaller home is the lower maintenance required to keep your home looking its best. The less square footage you have, the less you’ll have to worry about upkeep for your living space. Many families find cottages to be much more manageable than living in a multi-story home for this very reason. A smaller home layout also saves you time and energy on decorating for the holidays so you can focus more on enjoying you living space rather than making it look nice.

Cottages are Less Expensive

Building a smaller home requires fewer materials, meaning the cost to build your cottage will be far less expensive than it would have been for a larger living space. Cottage layouts are also less costly to heat and cool, making utilities more affordable than in a bigger home.

Cottages Have Less Environmental Impact

Since smaller homes require fewer materials, you won’t be using up as many resources to create your cottage. That means you’ll be making a smaller impact on your surrounding environment!

Less Clutter in a Cottage

Cottage floor plans oftentimes are more compartmentalized and feature smaller living areas. This forces you to reduce the clutter in your life by having less space to store unnecessary belongings. By choosing a cottage floor plan for your custom home, you’ll be able to live more intentionally, letting go of the things you no longer use so you have the freedom of a tidier living environment.

Greater Marketability

It may come as a surprise to learn that smaller homes have greater marketability when it comes to real estate. Smaller homes are more affordable than large houses, meaning when it comes time to sell, you’ll have more potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing your custom cottage.

Stronger Relationships

Families living in a small home together can’t run away from each other easily. Sharing a smaller space requires you to work out your differences, build better relationships, and encourage togetherness. Choosing a cottage layout for your floor plan can be a great way to strengthen the relationships between you and your family members for years to come.

Build Your Cottage with Lee Builders!

If the cottage lifestyle sounds right for you, start designing the layout for your dream home by contacting the custom builders at Lee Builders. Our team will create the custom cottage layout you always wanted according to your precise design specifications. Allow us to bring your unique vision to life by contacting our home building team to begin your project today!

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