What are the Different Types of Custom Home Floor Plans?

Oct 19, 2021 | Custom Home Building, Floor Plans

Planning the layout of your custom home is one of the most exciting parts of the building process. The way you move through your new home is a deeply personal experience, and is one that should reflect your individual stylistic and functional needs. Before you start planning out your custom home floor plan, it’s a good idea to read up on the different types of floor plans that are most commonly used. This will help you more easily identify the features you want incorporated into your custom build, allowing you to mix and match the things that matter most to you!

5 Common Floor Plans for Custom Home Builds

In any floor plan, homeowners have the option to choose between an open, contemporary-style layout or a traditional, compartmentalized layout. Depending on your desired aesthetic and the type of home you’re hoping to build, one of these layouts might be better-suited for your build than the other.

Conventional Ranch Style Homes

Especially here in McCormick, SC, ranch-style Southern homes have grown in popularity. Conventional ranch style homes are usually one-story floor plans where all the bedrooms are placed on one side of the home and the master suite situated at the opposite end of the home. If there is a second-story in a ranch, it’s usually designated as an attic or bonus split room bedroom.

Since the bedrooms and master suite are often located on opposite ends of the home, most people opt for an open concept layout in ranch style homes. Many ranch homes feature a galley kitchen, acting as a partition between the bedrooms and living room areas. The dining, kitchen, and living areas are usually blended together for a more contemporary feel.

Cape Cod Style Homes

Some people might consider a cape cod a two-story home, but what distinguishes this home style from the rest is the location of its master suite: In a cape cod, the master suite is on the first floor. All of the other bedrooms are located on the second floor. Cape cod homes are typically seen in lake or beach towns, and are wildly popular for their cozy charm. For this reason, many of these homes feature a more compartmentalized layout to further bolster feelings of togetherness.

Country Cottage Style Homes

If minimalist living is what you’re after, a country cottage could be the right build for you. Averaging at just 1,100 sq. ft., what these homes lack in size they make up for in endless outdoor access since most people choose to site these homes on large expanses of land.

While traditionally, cottages featured a compartmentalized layout to enhance the warm and snuggly feelings of having a fairytale forest escape, modern cottage layouts have been adapted for a more open, contemporary feel. Large windows and lofted bedrooms coupled with an airy, multi-purpose living and dining area offer a whole new take on the sectioned-off stylings of traditional cottages.

Two-Story Custom Homes

Unlike their cape cod counterparts, two-story homes contain most or all of their bedrooms on the second floor — even the master suite. The decision to choose an open concept or conventional layout really depends on your individual needs and how you anticipate using the space. Large families that regularly gather for parties might choose an open layout on the first floor while opting for a compartmentalized layout on the second floor to provide a private space for each family member.

Multi-Level Custom Homes

A multi-level custom home fits into many different categories. Usually, these homes are designed as a way to compensate for highly sloping lots of land. Known as split-levels, split-foyers, high ranches, and tri-levels, these homes contain features seen in ranches and two-story floor plans. Because they are built out of necessity and are not well-suited for aging-in-place, this home layout has lost its appeal over the years. Still, these homes are wildly popular among select groups of people, and might be the option you’ve been searching for all along!

What Floor Plan is Best for My Custom Home?

This is a difficult question to answer and is one best left to the professional custom home builders at Lee Builders. Our team offers many standard home plans to choose from and can even work with you to create a custom floor plan that’s all your own. Discover what your custom home plans should include by trusting the expert builders and designers at Lee Builders: Contact us to receive a custom home quote today!