What Do Custom Home Builders Do?

Jan 26, 2022 | Custom Home Building

If you’re contemplating building a custom home, you may be wondering exactly what it is that custom home builders do. There are many steps to take during the home building process, so it’s strongly recommended that you find a knowledgeable builder with the ability to manage all the necessary processes under one roof. At Lee Builders, our team strives to provide the end-to-end custom home building services that residents need to feel confident in their builds. Read on to discover exactly what our role is in the custom home building process from start to finish!

Starting Your Build with a Custom Home Builder

The first thing that your chosen builder should do is conduct an initial consultation to learn about your unique needs. Everything from budget and timeline to stylistic preferences and location should be discussed during your first meeting. This way, your home builder will be able to create a comprehensive design plan that satisfies your every concern.

Before the actual planning and design process can begin, you’ll need to have a set location for your home. Some custom home builders — like the ones at Lee Builders — can even help clients find available properties in the area where they’d like to build. They may also be able to match you to available financing solutions so you can afford the cost of your custom home project.

Constructing Your Custom Home

After your design plans have been approved and all permits have been obtained, your home builder will coordinate with the necessary contractors to begin construction on your custom home. Relying on their network of reputable contractors, your builder will ensure all components of your build are in the best hands possible, including HVAC contractors, master electricians, interior architects, home inspectors, and more.

During the construction process, your home builder will provide a detailed breakdown of the construction plan. They should offer an open line of communication, providing complete transparency about any delays that may set the project timeline back (such as bad weather or supply chain shortages).

In the final stages of construction, your home builder should offer a final walkthrough to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result. Any changes that should be made that are not in accordance with the initial design plan should be addressed and rectified immediately. After the client has approved the final build, the home builder should facilitate the transfer of ownership, transition of utilities, and insurance.

Custom Home Warranties & Follow Up Visits

Depending on the home builder you choose, they may provide a craftsmanship warranty. At Lee Builders, we offer a one-year follow-up visit, inspecting for and repairing any damage that may have occurred in your home after one year of ownership. During this follow-up appointment, we’ll correct any paint chips or fading, and address any repair needs that may be necessary as a direct result of our craftsmanship.

Lee Builders for Your Custom Home Builder!

If you’re looking for a custom home builder capable of handling every step of the construction process, look no further than Lee Builders to get the job done right. From property selection and financing to custom home design and construction, we handle every phase of your home building project so you can focus on what’s most important: moving into your dream home. Discover how our team can help make your dream home a reality by contacting our home builders today!