What Home Floor Plan Is Right for Me?

Mar 15, 2022 | Custom Home Building

Choosing a floor plan is one of the most important parts of building your own home. Finding the floor plan that works best for your personal needs will help you enjoy the space in ways that wouldn’t be possible without this careful consideration.

But how do you know what the right layout looks like for your dream home? Lee Builders breaks down the five top questions you should ask yourself before choosing the floor plan for your custom build. Read on to find out what you need to know about selecting the best floor plan for your home!

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Floor Plan

#1 – What’s Missing in My Home?

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners choose to build their own homes is to design a space that’s custom-tailored to their exact needs. Perhaps your current space isn’t large enough to support your growing family. Maybe your lifestyle has changed such that open spaces are needed more than compartmentalized rooms. By asking yourself what’s missing in your current layout now, you can start to narrow down the floor plan options to the one that offers all the features you long for presently.

#2 – Where Will I Be in 5 Years?

While no one can quite predict the future, it’s important to consider where you and your family will be in the next five to 10 years. How will things change during this time period? Will those changes impact the design plans you have for your dream home? Planning for the future now can help you avoid picking a floor plan that ultimately won’t support your family for the duration of your homeownership.

#3 – What’s My Land Like?

Many times, homeowners have high expectations for their home layout, not realizing that their plot of land is unable to support their vision. Be sure to consider the size and orientation of your lot as these elements can impact whether or not the floor plan you select is even feasible. It’s also important to consider how you can lay out your home to highlight the best features of your land. For instance, if you have a great view, choosing a plan that shows off your surroundings will end up increasing your home’s value — not to mention the added enjoyment it will give you and your family!

#4 – What’s Most Important to Me?

During the planning process, you’ll inevitably need to decide which is more important: size or amenities? Of course, costs are associated with each of these, so unless you have an angel investor to support your vision, you’ll need to prioritize accordingly. If size is more important for your growing family, you may need to forego a few high-end amenities to compensate for the added square footage. For those who prefer not to skip out on amenities, look for a floor plan with less square footage to accommodate for your style preferences.

#5 – Do I Need a Custom Floor Plan?

Sometimes the perfect floor plan isn’t one that exists already, but must be created for you by a skilled team of custom home builders and designers. Taking a custom approach to your build will allow you to make more dramatic changes to the form and function of your home layout, such as moving walls or changing electrical schematics. If you’re unable to find a floor plan that’s readily available through a catalog, it may be worth considering having a design team develop a home layout from scratch that meets all of your expectations.

Get Help Choosing the Right Floor Plan with Lee Builders!

Whether you’re seeking a custom floor plan or are interested in one of our existing layouts, Lee Builders is here to help bring your unique vision to life. Our custom home builders have helped countless families throughout the McCormick, South Carolina region create the lifelong homes they always dreamed of having. Allow our team to help you select the right floor plan for your custom build by contacting our home builders online today!