What is a 55+ Community?

Jul 26, 2022 | 55+ Community, Lake Thurmond

Your Guide to Retiring in Lake Thurmond, SC
In this helpful guide, Lee Builders covers everything that readers need to know about 55+ communities, including:

With the kids now having children of their own and the house feeling bigger and emptier than ever, it might be time to consider relocating to a 55+ community. We know what you’re thinking, “Aren’t those places for… old people?!”

Not necessarily: A 55+ community is simply a community where both retirees and pre-retirees go to enjoy high-quality living in a more relaxing environment. Read on to find out exactly what a retirement community entails and the benefits of choosing to live near one!

What is a 55 & Over Retirement Community?

A 55+ community is one that offers maintenance-free, independent living accommodations for those aged 55 and older. Typically, homes within these communities can be either owned or rented, and are usually single-family houses, townhomes, apartments, or condos. Retirement communities also prioritize convenience, so they are often near shopping, restaurants, and other local amenities.

Who Can Live in a 55+ Community?

There are two main types of active adult communities, each of which applies different regulations to the types of residents who are allowed to live there:

  • Age-Restricted: In an age-restricted 55+ community like Savannah Lakes Village, at least 80% of residents must have at least one household member that is 55 or older.
  • Age-Targeted: These communities are generally marketed to those aged 55 and over, but aren’t limited to those aged older than 55.

The Lake Thurmond area can be considered a type of age-targeted 55+ community: While there aren’t gates separating residents from outsiders, retirees tend to flock to this region for its endless golfing, fishing, boating, vistas, and access to local restaurants and shopping.

Benefits of Living in a 55+ Community Like Savannah Lakes

Choosing Lake Thurmond as your retirement destination is an excellent decision to make, especially for those who aren’t seeking an age-restricted 55+ community experience. Here’s why:

Most 55+ communities are clearly separated from outside residents, featuring on-site maintenance workers that are there to help ensure a stress-free retirement living experience. While that might be desirable for those living at Savannah Lakes Village, the age-targeted Lake Thurmond community offers a greater degree of independence while still catering to the 55+ demographic. Residents will enjoy all the same luxuries of truly independent living without all the dangers and distractions associated with typical suburban environments.

Watching children play and scream from your front yard might have been a source of joy for you at one point, but as retirement approaches, all you can think about is peace and quiet. There’s no better place to achieve both than by choosing to live in an age-targeted 55+ community near Lake Thurmond. In McCormick County, for example, the average resident is aged 58, placing you far away from the hustle and bustle of typical suburbia.

One of the greatest advantages to living near Lake Thurmond is all of the recreational activities the area has to offer. Boasting more than 71,000 acres of natural wildlife, Savannah Lakes Village is any retirees dream destination, providing endless opportunities for golfing, hunting, fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and more. When you aren’t busy enjoying any of the area’s high-energy activities, you’ll be able to relax in luxury along the lake’s nearly 1,200 miles of shoreline or enjoy local shopping and dining experiences.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of living in an age-targeted 55+ community like Savannah Lakes Village is the possibility for building a custom home. Your retirement years should be spent in complete relaxation and luxury — not some cookie-cutter single-family home in a gated, age-restricted community. At Lee Builders, our team has years of experience building truly custom homes throughout the Lake Thurmond region, delivering exceptional craftsmanship and quality in every project. Allow our team to help you build your custom home near McCormick, SC by requesting a quote online today!

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