What is a Smart Home?

Jun 15, 2022 | Custom Home Building

Building a Custom Home with Smart Home Upgrades

Lee Builders helps dispel some of the mystery behind smart home technology in this helpful blog post. We discuss:

    • What a smart home is and what it does
    • Benefits of having smart home upgrades in your custom home
      • Types of smart home features to include in your custom home build, including:
      • Smart lighting and outlets
      • Video doorbells and surveillance
      • Smart lock entry doors
      • Smart heating and cooling
      • Electric vehicle charging stations

When building a custom home in today’s modern age, convenience and comfort are everything. Homeowners are looking to build a space that caters to all of their individual needs and desires, and there’s no better way to ensure both are covered than by including smart home features in your building plans.

But what exactly is a smart home, and are these features best for your project needs? In this article, we break down exactly what a smart home is, how it operates, why these features are beneficial, and all the different ways you can make your custom home a smart home!

Smart Home Defined: What It Is & What It Does

What It Is

According to Dictionary.com, a smart home is defined as any home that’s “equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.” For instance, if you are able to “contact” your home to make sure the heat is on when you get home, you likely have what’s considered a smart home.

What It Does

With the appropriate technologies installed, a smart home is capable of doing many things. Homeowners are able to control appliances, lights, thermostats, and other devices remotely from their smartphones, tablets, or Wi-Fi connection. Smart home systems can be either wireless or hardwired, and are renowned for helping homeowners achieve greater convenience and cost savings thanks to enhanced energy efficiency.

Benefits of Smart Home Upgrades for Custom Homes

Having smart home devices installed gives you some unique advantages from the moment you turn the key to your custom home. These benefits include:

  • Remote Monitoring: Smart homeowners are able to remotely monitor their home’s essential systems from afar so they’ll always be alerted on-the-go if something goes awry.
  • Increased Safety: Some smart home devices are capable of providing real-time connectivity and surveillance monitoring, allowing homeowners to respond rapidly to questionable activity at their home while they’re away.
  • Energy Efficiency: As we mentioned earlier, smart home systems offer homeowners greater savings as they intelligently adjust your devices to consume the least amount of energy while still satisfying your comfort demands.

Types of Smart Home Features to Include in Your Build

As you work with your custom home builder to create a space worthy of the modern era, consider including these top five smart home features in your building plans:

#1 – Smart Lighting & Outlets

Imagine being able to set any light in your home to the exact brightness and intensity you desire. With smart lighting solutions, that’s entirely possible. Whether through smart lightbulbs or by installing smart light sockets, these lighting solutions allow you to remotely control the ambience in your home from your smartphone device. Similarly, a smart outlet can allow you to turn on specific electronic devices within your home at set times of the day.

#2 – Video Doorbells & Surveillance

Bring enhanced safety and security to your custom home with a video doorbell surveillance system. Smart doorbells like the Ring™ Video Doorbell can help homeowners easily identify anyone who comes to their door without having to place themselves in unnecessary danger by answering for a stranger. Not only that, but these systems also send alerts to your smartphone any time they detect motion at your door, allowing you to feel safe and sound no matter if you’re home or on the move.

#3 – Smart Lock Entry Doors

Never lose your keys and get locked out of your house again! Smart lock entry doors are specially designed to allow homeowners to enter their homes without the need for a physical key. Activated either by a special passcode or via a smartphone app, these entry systems offer enhanced security and convenience for homeowners.

#4 – Smart Heating & Cooling

The convenience, comfort, and cost savings that come with a smart HVAC system cannot be overstated. With a smart thermostat installed, homeowners are able to program their comfort systems so that they only operate during the times of the day when the home is occupied. According to smart thermostat manufacturer, Nest, homeowners see an average 10 – 12% savings in their heating and a 15% savings in their cooling expenses just by adding a smart thermostat to their HVAC equipment.

#5 – Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Increasingly, homeowners are making the switch to electric vehicles. Ensure your custom home is built to support your EV driving habits by including an electric vehicle charging station in your plans. By equipping your home with an on-site charging station, you won’t need to worry about having a sufficient charge to get to your final destination.

Building a smart home that lasts start by choosing the right home builders for the job. If you’re looking to build a custom home fit for the modern age, look to the team at Lee Builders to bring your vision to life. Our experienced designers and builders will help deliver a living space that exudes comfort and convenience, featuring state-of-the-art smart home features that will leave your neighbors speechless. Contact our team to begin building your smart home today!

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