Why Build a Custom Home in Lincolnton, GA?

Sep 23, 2021 | Lincolnton

If you’re planning to build a custom home in the near future, Lincolnton, GA is the place to do it. This small country town offers the perfect setting for building your dream home. From its low cost of living and outdoor recreation to its affordable land and low crime rates, Lincolnton is a great place to choose as the site for your custom home build. Read on to discover all the benefits this secret Georgia gem has to offer!

Top 5 Benefits of Building a Home in Lincolnton, GA

1. Low Cost of Living

Wave goodbye to expensive city life: Lincolnton, GA’s cost of living is 11% lower than the Georgia state average and 17% lower than the national average. That means you’ll enjoy more savings on goods, services, groceries, health care, transportation, and utilities. According to the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), the following table illustrates the average cost of specific goods and services in Lincolnton in 2020 compared to the national average:


Lincolnton Average Price

National Average Price

Ground Beef






Doctor Visit



Dentist Visit









2. Lots of Outdoor Recreation

Centrally located in Lincoln County, Lincolnton lays just seven miles southwest of Elijah Clark State Park and the Savannah River. Just over the border to South Carolina, you can take a hike on the Lakeview Loop Trail at Hickory Knob. Fishing and boating more your speed? Head over the beautiful Lake Thurmond for some time on the water — just a 14-minute drive from your new home!

Make sure to include a walk-in closet or attached garage to store your golf clubs in your custom home: Lincolnton is a short drive away from the Rocky Branch Golf Course, Hickory Knob State Park Golf Course, Tara Golf Club at Savannah Lakes, McCormick Country Club, Monticello Golf Club at Savannah Lakes, and Washington-Wilkes Country Club.

3. Low Cost of Land

Along with the low cost of living you’ll enjoy year-round, Lincolnton also boasts real estate prices 23% lower than the state average. That means you’ll pay a lower price for the land to build your custom home than you would in many other areas throughout the state. Our team is deeply familiar with the local housing market, making us uniquely capable of helping you find the ideal plot of land for your custom home build.

4. Small Town Country Living

As of the 2000 United States Census, Lincolnton is home to just 1,595 people, 657 households, and 428 families. With a total area of 3.5 square miles, it doesn’t get more small-town than Lincolnton. Some might not enjoy the slow-cruising, sweet-tea-sipping, porch-swinging lifestyle, but those city-slickers can take GA-47 down to Augusta in just an hour’s time for the hustle and bustle they crave.

5. Below Average Crime Rates

If you’re planning to build a custom home for your growing family, you can rest easy knowing Lincolnton is one of the safest places in Georgia to live. In fact, Lincolnton’s crime rate is 61% lower than the state average. The small town even beats out the national average crime rates in all three major categories, according to the 2019 Federal Bureau of Investigation Crime Report:

Crime Category

Lincolnton, GA Average

National Average

Percentage Difference

Violent Crime




Property Crime




Total Crime




Build Your Dream Home with Lee Builders in Lincolnton, GA!

Before you start packing up the moving truck to settle into Lincolnton, you need to build your custom home first: Lee Builders has the team you need to design and construct your dream home to your exact specifications. Our team will help you through every step of the process, from purchasing land and financing your build to custom floorplan design and construction. Start building your custom home in Lincolnton by requesting a consultation with our team today!