Why Build a Custom Home in McCormick, SC?

Sep 1, 2021 | Custom Home Building, McCormick

If you’re thinking about building a custom home in South Carolina, one of the first places you should consider is the small but serene town of McCormick. Situated next to one of the country’s largest man-made lakes, McCormick, SC is a great place to call home for many more reasons than the laid-back lake town culture. Read on to find out what makes McCormick so special for so many South Carolina families, and why you should consider building your custom home in McCormick!

Top 5 Reasons to Call McCormick Home

1. Cost of Living

One of the greatest parts about living in McCormick is the low cost of living. According to 2020 data collected from C2ER, McCormick’s housing costs are 54% lower than the national average. This makes the town an exceptionally affordable place to start looking for available lots to build your custom home.

Not only will you enjoy lower initial property costs, but you’ll also appreciate the continued savings from McCormick’s lower overall cost of living. The same C2ER data report revealed that McCormick’s overall cost of living is 22% lower than the national average.

2. Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking for endless outdoor adventure, McCormick has what you seek. Located on beautiful Lake Thurmond, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take to the water for some boating, jet skiing, or fishing. Even land-lovers will enjoy the nearby natural wonders at Baker Creek State Park or the Savannah Valley Railroad Trail. It’s the perfect place to build a custom cottage and reconnect to your natural surroundings.

3. Short Commutes

McCormick might have a small-town vibe, but that doesn’t mean it’s too far from where you work. In fact, McCormick boasts an average one-way commute time of just 20 minutes: That’s six minutes shorter than the national average. It might not seem like much time savings at first, but that’s about 60 more hours per year that you’ll get to spend by the lake rather than stuck in traffic on your way home from work!

4. Culture & Community

With a current population of just 2,645 people, McCormick is big on community. Our rural lake town is cozy and quiet, but that doesn’t mean we’re lacking in culture. Home to the “MACK” (McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah), McCormick presents plenty of artist exhibits and hosts community programs and events throughout the year.

When you’re not exploring the artistic side of town, you’ll enjoy the local flavors served up at our lakeside restaurants, like the River Grille or Hickory Knob Restaurant. After you’ve had your fill, be sure to head over to the Heritage Gold Mine Park to search for treasures like a true pioneer.

5. Beautiful Weather

Despite balmy summer days during July and August, McCormick is generally home to beautiful, sunny weather. On average, the area experiences 220 days of sunshine each year (more than two weeks greater than the national average) and has a comfort index rating of 7.4 (10 = best). Pair the gorgeous weather with the unbeatable views from Lake Thurmond, and it’s clear to see why building a custom home in McCormick, SC is the right decision to make.

Start Building Your Custom Home in McCormick, SC Today!

Now that we’ve convinced you that McCormick is the place you should call home, allow us to build that home for you from the ground up. Lee Builders is dedicated to creating expertly crafted custom homes designed to your exact specifications. With plenty of available lots and newly constructed homes to choose from along with our best-in-class custom home building process, we have the team you need to help build your life in beautiful McCormick, SC. Contact our custom home builders to get started today!