Why Build a Vacation Home in Lake Thurmond?

Jun 29, 2022 | Custom Home Building, Lake Thurmond

3 Reasons to Choose Lake Thurmond for Your Custom Vacation Home

In this blog, Lee Builders proves that there are plenty of reasons to pick Lake Thurmond as the site of your vacation home, including:

When it comes to having your very own vacation spot, the key to falling in love every time you visit is choosing the right location. While we might be a little biased, our custom home builders believe Lake Thurmond is one of the best places to build a vacation home for your family. Read on and decide for yourself whether Lake Thurmond should be your family’s go-to vacation destination!

3 Benefits of Building a Vacation Home in Lake Thurmond

#1 – Recreational Paradise

Nestled on the border of Georgia and South Carolina, Lake Thurmond spans more than 71,000 acres with nearly 1,200 miles of shoreline. As the second-largest man-made lake in the Eastern United States, Lake Thurmond and its surrounding 63,000 acres of preserved state park and national forest offer the perfect escape for any outdoor enthusiast. From boating and fishing to golfing and hiking, this South Carolina lake town is a vacation memory waiting to be made.

#2 – Beautiful Weather

From May – August, Lake Thurmond vacation homeowners can expect an average high of 87º F and just seven days of rain each month. All that gorgeous weather translates into more time spent making vacation memories by the lake with your family. Not only will you be able to enjoy hours of fun outdoors, but you’ll also be able to witness the breathtaking views of the Carolina sunrise and sunset of Lake Thurmond — all from your masterfully crafted vacation home.

#3 – Lakeside Relaxation

Life moves a little slower here by the lake, and after all, isn’t that what a good vacation is all about? With acres of preserved wildlife, this sleepy lake town offers peaceful tranquility that’s tough to come by in today’s fast-paced society. But vacationers don’t need to sacrifice on amenities when they come to Lake Thurmond: By working with a knowledgeable custom home builder, they can create a perfect paradise that’s equal parts modern-day smart home luxury and rural lakeside relaxation.

Build Your Vacation Destination in Lake Thurmond!

By now, we’ve probably convinced you to pack your bags for a Lake Thurmond vacation. Before you head out the door, you’ll need to make sure you have a place to stay! Why not make your vacation destination permanent by building a custom home with Lee Builders? Our team has helped countless vacationers in the area transform their favorite place to relax into their second home through our custom home building solutions. Allow us to bring your vacation home to life by contacting us for a consultation today!